1. Gaggione S.A.S documents and data

All data provided in our datasheets, mechanical drawing and all other downloadable documents on our websites www.gaggione.com and www.lednlight.com, are subject to change at anytime without prior notice. Gaggione S.A.S. do not guarantee any of its own document nowhere else than on its own websites. As a consequence, all Gaggione S.A.S. along with its brand “LEDnLIGHT” documents that are downloadable on ditributors, partners or other third-party websites or mobile applications are NOT guarranteed by Gaggione S.A.S.

All data provided in our documents are based on our own measurements and evaluation and performed in-house in our optical laboratory, or in a certified third-party laboratory. Also, all data, even simulated data, are provided for reference and design purpose only. All data may change at anytime if Gaggione S.A.S. improves its products/services or improves its own laboratory equipment.

Gaggione S.A.S. is not responsible for the final use conditions and takes no responsibility under certain use conditions, out of the material specification (PMMA, PC, Silicone, any other material used in our products).


You can access to our RoHS/REACH certificate by following this link.

2. Material used

Polycarbonate (PC and UV-PC), Poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA), Optical Silicone. For more informations please contact your local sales manager. Contact list here.


You can access to our certifcate of conformity / conflict minerals by following this link.

3. Adhesive option

Gaggione S.A.S. guarantee the adhesive shelf life within a period of six months after the departure from our factory/wharehouse and under the conditions of good storing, assembly, and gereral terms of use.
For all the terms of use and special handling conditions of the adhesive itself, please refer to the adhesive manufacturer : 3M. All information available on their website at www.3m.com .
Please search or ask for their dedicated information to the 3M™ High Performance Adhesive Transfer Tape 467MP and 468MP.
Gaggione S.A.S. provides a direct link to their datasheet on its website www.lednlight.com ; link still active on April 24th, 2014.

4. Use of chemical agents for cleaning or any other purposes

Gaggione S.A.S. recommends only the use of an optical duster along with purified water. Any other products containing chemical agents, especially alcohol or glue, may damage the mechanical or photometrical properties of the product. This applies for direct contact with the product or nearby chemical agents vapors or drops.

Always ware clean gloves to not alter the optical performances of optics.

Gaggione S.A.S. recommends the user to test its products in both prototypes and series assembly conditions in the end-fixture.

5. Agreement

The user is supposed to be informed of this terms of use and conditions – disclaimer and agrees to by using our products and all related documents and data provided on our websites or by mail/e-mail.


Download and print these terms from the PDF : here.

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